Our Team

Owner / Coach / Trainer


Chris Divecchio, Founder & Trainer, brings a wealth of self-development transformation mixed with a very practical technique to his fitness training. Coming from a bodybuilding background and a D1 collegiate hockey career, Chris realized that he wanted to teach his simple techniques and strategies of how to achieve both physical and mental acuity.

As a fitness trainer and lifestyle specialist, Chris has a knack for inspiring accountability and achieving results quickly. With each client Chris develops a unique and effective nutrition and personal training strategy. His vast knowledge of great recipes and food combinations allow him to create a diet that not only tastes great but will also be easy to maintain.  Chris has developed innovative fitness concepts and practices for all types of clients who are all working through very different life experiences and he is excited to talk with you about your goals.


Specialties:  Nutrition, crossfit/cross-training, competition training, sport specific training, time management

Why We Train:  To achieve authentic health, peace and happiness, which is what the Premier Mind & Body program is designed to do

Favorite Quote:  “Be Water” – Bruce Lee

Trainer / Coach

TaberTaber has been active in fitness since his early teens. He saw the benefits it provided for his athletic endeavors and the opportunities it could provide for getting him a higher education. Taber received a full scholarship in baseball to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He earned a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Corporate Fitness/Sport Psychology. Upon graduation Taboer went on to play 7 seasons professionally reaching the AAA level before suffering a career ending ACL injury.

Years of athletics and extensive study in Buddhism are what make Taber a unique and successful personal trainer and coach.  He truly believes that you can achieve all your fitness and lifestyle goals with complete focus. His goal is to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle without struggle by giving them the tools they need to succeed

What sets Taber apart from the pack is his ability to train you wherever and with whatever equipment or resources are available.  He’s trained clients in gyms, parks, beaches, studios, homes and apartment gyms. You name it, and he will get you the best results in any environment.

Specialties:  Nutrition, outdoor training, crossfit, competition training, sports training

Why We Train:  To achieve supreme happiness by leading a healthy lifestyle and taking life by the horns!

Favorite Quote:  “Sometimes you’ve got to do what you don’t necessarily want to do to get where you want to be” – Taber Maier