We recognize that every client is unique and each of you have very specific goals you are looking to accomplish. In some instances, you may come to us unsure of what you want or need, in which case we will help you develop your vision based on our evaluations. Each package consists of a fully customized meal plan, custom training program, specifically designed vitamin regimen, proprietary meals/recipes along with cooking tips and our 24/7 accountability coaching that will keep you on track to your goal. Deciding what plan is the best fit for you will be the key to your success.

Remote Personal Training

At Premier Mind & Body, we recognize that not everyone has accessibility to the top trainers let alone when those fitness “emergencies” pop up. That is why we have developed a system that allows us to successfully design programs for clients anywhere in the World and support them virtually. We utilize platforms like Skype and What’s App to create a real time “life line” to a help guide and answer your questions in a moments notice. Consider it your trainer on your hip. Not only will we custom design your entire meal plan, training program and vitamin regimen, but we will also help you with foods and recipes for in-home cooking or restaurant dining. Imagine a last minute business lunch at a restaurant you are not familiar with. Not a problem. Simply send us the menu and we will build your meal and send it back within minutes. Can’t remember how to perform a certain exercise? Easy. Text us your question and we will respond with a video link that shows you the exercise along with proper form and technique tips. These types of decisions can make or break your pattern of consistency which is the key to the success of any program. Our goal is to help educate our clients and build the confidence for you to move forward on your own. The accountability tactic is what helps make our online training program extremely successful and efficient!

PMB 90 Day Transformation

If you’re looking to tackle a specific goal with a realistic timeframe, then the 90 Day Transformation package is the right choice for you. From our experience, it takes about 90 days for a client to break their old habits and fully re-condition a whole new way of thinking, acting, being and doing as it relates to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Plan on seeing results in the first two weeks but expect to see a whole new person in 90 Days.

PMB 10 Session Package

Trying to sneak in that last minute crash course for a special occasion? Or maybe you have a pretty good handle on your current program but are looking for some new ideas on how to mix up your training or diet. The 10 session package is the perfect plan if you’re looking to fine tune and learn more advanced form/technique options.

The Executive Package

911….Are you in need of a full overhaul on your health and fitness? Say hello to your very own live-in personal trainer for a week. We will spend 7 days working side-by-side with you to custom design your program. We’ll take you grocery shopping, we’ll teach you how to efficiently cook and food prep, we’ll design healthy options from your favorite surrounding restaurants, we’ll design your vitamin regimen with you and educate you on the specific functions of each supplement and we’ll walk you through every body part until we have covered you’re entire training program perfecting your form and technique. Once you completed the 1 week course, you have us for 1 year as your personal/virtual trainer.

PMB Lifestyle Coaching

The mind controls the body so we focus a lot on emotional health as much as physical health. You will work with a coach for 2 One hour sessions a week. You can expect to build confidence, accountability, integrity, experience personal/professional breakthroughs and discover/overcome obstacles that hold you back. You will learn how to let go of the past in order to move forward by developing your life philosophy so you can start living to your full potential.