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Jim Tortorelli

Jim TortorelliIn 6 weeks, Chris has really helped me understand the importance of diet and mental awareness, and how it can contribute to your overall wellness. I am really impressed with his ability to motivate and inspire through simple and common sense concepts. He has tailored my workouts of lifting weights, cardio, and stretching specifically for me to not only give me the 6 pack abs I wanted, but to just help me believe in myself and feel good overall. I never knew how key diet is to shaping your body, and Chris does a great job getting your mind in the right place to overcome your desires for bad food and bad habits. The journey has been fun, and I definitely recommend Chris to help you achieve your goals.



Blake ReedI was floored by the results I saw in myself with Chris’s training techniques. Physically and mentally. I have been a model for 25 years and an athlete for years prior to becoming a model. I have been around fitness and nutrition most of my life and have trained with many trainers and on my own. He is by far the best trainer I have worked with in my many years of experience. His expertise on nutrition is astounding to say the least! The supplements he had me use hit the nail on the head for body and mind as well. No weird side-effects just straight to where the body needs it. I am 50 years old and have never felt better or looked better than right now thanks to Chris and his very well thought out curriculum. It’s never easy work if you really want to change your mind and body and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise! Dedication, commitment , and perseverance is what it takes and Chris’s plan can keep you on course. Following his steps for self improvement are leaps and bounds above anyone I have worked with in my career.

Cheers and stay strong.
Blake Reed


Kristin W.

Kristin Walsh
Chris has taught me how to workout and eat correctly. I used to think I needed to cut a ton of calories, and do hours of cardio to lose weight. I learned so much about proper nutrition and how to do my workouts the right way. His training extends beyond physical training, but mental strengthening as well. He taught me to have high standards and goals for myself, because believing I could do it was half the challenge. Now my meals are much healthier, my workout times are cut in half. Being fit is no longer an unreachable short-term goal, but a lifetime journey of improving myself.

Miea C.

2 Month Transformation!
By brief way of introduction, I have known Chris for many years, and over the course of our friendship have found him to be generous and a great friend.  But it was not until fairly recently that I became aware of his fitness background and experience.  It was by fortunate luck that I learned that Chris was going to begin promoting his fitness program – I had been wanting to start a new fitness regimen after the holidays but wasn’t too keen on the trainers at my gym (they just didn’t look fit?!).

I can honestly say without reservation that Chris’ regimen and comprehensive program have put me on a successful path to achieving my fitness goals. I knew I had a put on a some holiday weight but it wasn’t until I saw my “before” photos that I saw the truth of the lbs :/ (so Chris program couldn’t have come along at a better time!!).  I’m not going to lie to you, the program is challenging, but it is doable if you commit, and you will definitely see results.  Personally speaking,  I embraced the program and in all sincerity saw results, they were minimal in the beginning, but it was definitely the motivation I needed to keep pushing through the pain. Within a month I really saw my body changing, all the meal planning, the supplements and workouts were all coming together! Sadly, a month and half into the program my father was hospitalized  and I spent many a night in the hospital and working out was the last thing on my mind. But I still needed to eat, and the hospital food wasn’t the healthiest (surprise, surprise). During this time, Chris was there to support me and help me stick with the program (as much as possible). To which I am very grateful.

Bottom line, we all know there are many fitness programs, instructors, videos, etc., out there (and I’ve tried them) but there is something special about Chris and his program. Don’t get me wrong, like I said his program is no cake walk! It’s damn hard in the beginning, and you have to commit, but don’t be afraid of the challenge, trust me, it’s well worth it! And don’t think for one minute I’m hyping this kid up because we are friends, when I pay $ I want results :) if you doubt me, just look at my photos! Thank you Chris.


Milton P.

testimonial-2Most of my life I’ve been relatively thin. I could eat what I want and not see any negative effects. So when I started to pack on weight in my 30’s, I figured I could just do some exercises like I did in my 20’s and fix it. The problem was my fast metabolism wasn’t fast anymore. Nothing I used to do was making a difference. I pretty much gave up and occasionally went to the gym for a mediocre workout and continued to eat whatever I wanted for years.

This is when I asked Chris DiVecchio for help. He designed an exercise and diet plan around my crazy schedule. This was key. I’m a workaholic so sitting at my desk working on my projects makes up most of my day. The first month was rough and I fell off the program many times. But nearing the 3rd month I started to see some real changes. I’m still not at my goal yet but I’m closer than ever now. The next phase is to pack on lean muscle!

Thank you Chris for helping me get my health back into balance.


Tara Klein

Little did I realize when I decided to take my workouts to the next level with Chris at Premier Mind and Body that I would end up jump starting a better way of living for myself. I knew where I wanted to go, read a lot of things written by spiritual motivators, but I was having a hard time implementing a simpler/calmer way of life. With Coach Chris’s direction I grew stronger from the inside out. I strengthened physically, and emotionally through his program. The best part about working with Chris is that he doesn’t sugar coat anything, but he comes from a place of wanting the best for his clients and exudes that so anything harder to hear is better coming from Chris than anyone else. Chris has the ability to simplify a lot of what I have read or heard about living a more authentic life. He practices what he preaches, so to speak and just when I was about to slip into an old behavior or do something counter productive…I would get some fabulous quote or reminder via text from Chris…as if he was in my brain! Thanks Coach Chris and Premier Mind and Body!!!


Charlie Bean

I want to take a moment to share my experience with Chris DiVecchio’s Premier Mind and Body Program!! It is “all inclusive” in that it includes exercise, a personalized diet plan (with some very tasty recipes), nutritional supplement recommendations and regular motivational check-ins with Chris so he can monitor and mentor your progress. Chris tailored his program to match and support my personal physical and medical requirements. Since I started with Chris and his Premier Mind and Body program, I am already halfway to my weight goal and more importantly I continue to make lifestyle changes that will only enhance my life’s experiences.


Tom R. – (Manhattan Beach, CA)

I have been training with Chris twice a week for the past 3 months after training at Equinox with a personal trainer “level 3″ (highest level) for 4 months prior. The personal trainer at Equinox is a professional triathlete and came highly recommended from the general manager. He was a good trainer but had zero follow up and I started having knee pains. My neighbor had been working with Chris 3 months prior to me and raved about his training methods, positive attitude and constant follow up. I also noticed a huge difference in his physique. My trainer at Equinox left for several weeks so I thought I would give Chris a try and get in a few workouts while my trainer was on vacation. 3 months later, I still train with Chris and never went back to Equinox. I have no knee pain, I am in the best shape of my life, I look better than ever and I have made a great friend in Chris. I am an executive with 800 employees and they cannot believe the transformation in the past 3 months (along with my wife, kids and friends). I have been working out for many years and grew up an athlete but Chris’s workout regimen and diet plan (including supplements which he only recommends, not sells) has me feeling like I am in my twenties. Chris took my body to the next level. A level I did not think I had at 50 years of age. He not only makes me feel and look better but he also has an amazing knowledge of all the muscle groups and how they all work together. Chris himself follows his workout routine along with a specialized diet, and it shows. The first thing he did was look at my daily schedule, routine and diet. The next day, he wrote out a complete customized workout and diet plan. Chris sends me constant reminders of diet, exercise and positive quotes to keep me focused and motivated. If you want to look and feel better, I highly recommend giving Chris a try. I guarantee that you will be motivated to take yourself to a level you probably did not think was possible.


Manoj V.

testimonial-1Are you tired of fitness New Years Resolutions that go no where after two weeks? I was and so early December I thought I would get a heads up on 2014 with my health, fitness and vitality regimen and so I reached out to Chris DiVecchio at Premier Mind & Body.

Over this past summer I went on a trip and cruise that lasted two weeks, in which I ate plenty of cruise food. After returning from my cruise my poor eating habits I had recently acquired on my trip helped me gain even more fat in the coming months. I tried working out and dieting on my own, but I was really frustrated with merely pudgy muscle.

I heard about Chris and the results he was producing for his clients. Since he appeared to be on the right track, I inquired about his program and decided to seek out his help. Chris is very professional, motivational and uplifting. He helped tailor a custom program to meet my needs, regularly checks in with coaching calls/texting with me with motivation/holding me accountable in a friendly way, texting me recipes and what to get while eating at restaurants, all while I lived on the complete opposite coast (3 hour time zone difference).

Needless to say the results are impeccable! In a few short weeks I’m down 10lb and about 6% body fat. I’m on my way to getting a 6pack and getting jacked very fast. I have so much energy, and I’m even more impressed with how the diet, nutrition, and exercise regimen has been 100% natural, safe, fun and easy. My sugar cravings used to be out of control, especially after being used to cruise food, and now I have full control of my cravings. I have more energy than when I started. Mentally I feel strong because I am starting to build my own integrity with the program. The best part is Chris works with you to customize your program: foods you can eat, supplements you can take, working out (home, gym, etc), when you have to eat out, drinks you can take, etc.

If you’re thinking about his coaching program, definitely jump on this! Chris has a wealth of information and continues to be a wonderful resource in my health, fitness, and vitality journey.


Berry Bly

I want to thank Chris DiVecchio from Premier Mind and Body for helping me get back in the best shape I have been in for the last 10 years. My goal when I started 5 weeks ago was to lose 22 lbs by Labor day Weekend. I have already reached my goal, and I am feeling great. Chris…your nutrition and workout plan has been amazing. I am excited to see where this takes me here in the next few months. Check out Premier Mind and Body if you are looking for a great way to get in great shape and be at your healthiest. I’m a believer!


Brent S.

3 Month Transformation

Working with Chris has been a complete game changer when it comes to my health and fitness. He truly understands the mind/body connection and how important it is to achieving your fitness goals. Chris lives it and is a shining example of what’s possible when you’re committed to something bigger in your life. He’s helped me completely transform my body safely and with the eating habits, and supplement regimen I’ve learned how to control my weight and muscle mass. I have tons of energy, and I’m finally confident when I take my shirt off, for the first time in my life. His ongoing support, encouragement and holding me accountable has been really important. I’m 48 years old and have never looked better. In fact, all my friends are jealous and I look years younger. If you’re thinking about working with him, stop thinking, take action and sign up NOW! It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make!


Pete W.

2 Month Transformation


Juwan S.

2 Month Transformation

I have been an athlete my entire life and would humbly say I thought I knew it all. That is, until I had the chance to work with Chris. With basketball as my major focus growing up, I was working with strength and conditioning coaches on speed, agility, strength and endurance. While all of those factors go hand in hand with being a top caliber player, I didn’t realize there was another level I could take my training. Chris and I have known each other for several years so it was easy for me to let go of any ego to take a step back and be open to his approach. Chris’s belief is that the body manifests what the conscious mind focuses on. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your thoughts as well as your actions. As an athlete, I had the disciplines of training and exercising but the one area I needed improvement was on my mental focus. In addition to that missing link, Chris taught me the importance of staying accountable as a way to build integrity which has helped keep me locked into his program and on track with my goals. Not only has his coaching skills taken my health and wellness to the next level but his knowledge in exercise and nutrition have been the icing on the cake. Understanding what to eat, when to eat and why to eat has given me a much greater appreciation for how I fuel my body and what it needs at any given moment. He is a fanatic about form and technique and has taught me the skills on how to train my muscles with precision to get the nice toned look I’ve always wanted. The best part about my experience with Chris is that he has literally taught me everything I’ve needed to know in order to create this as a lifestyle. There is no more starting over as I’ve done in the past. I would recommend Chris and Premier Mind & Body to anyone who is serious about change.

Brian C.

Brian C Testimonial

I can offer an enthusiastic testimonial to the personal and professional skills of Taber Maier, the most important person in my life besides my wife! Taber has helped me exceed my own expectations of where I could go in one year’s time. His ability to progressively advance exercises and routines, along with the muscle confusion that comes from the variety of his workouts, has pushed my fitness to athletic levels. The numbers tell the first part of the story: 235 pounds to 195, 30% body fat to 11% and a 40 inch waist down to 33. The second part of the story is where Taber really shines. He guaranteed my transformation is a total lifestyle change, not just a physical fitness improvement. Coaching me to reshape my body through hard work and wise nutrition, while also addressing my mind and spirit, is why Taber is the trainer to work with to achieve one’s goals.